Thieye H1 Vr All-in-one Headset Eor


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Product Description

3D Glasses Virtual Reality Headset Android 360 VR BOX Wifi Bluetooth 1080P Full HD 5.5inch Display
Equipped with a new custom VR components, 1080p HD screen, 2G RAM, 8G ROM, the largest can be extended to 64G, the whole weight only 430g; support wifi and Bluetooth; equipped with NibiruVR depth customization virtual interactive system
Support 4K HD decoding clear video resolution, support for ordinary 2D, ordinary 3D, 2D 360 and 3D 360 panoramic video playback in full format.
17 seconds ultra-low latency
The use of industry-acclaimed touchpad control design, When wearing the headset, the high sensitivity of the touchpad makes handling more handy, easy to achieve various virtual scenes of interactive operations.
95deg FOV ultra-wide field of view angle
In-built 3000mAh Li-Polymer Battery